About Me

I’m a curious twentysomething with a healthy obsession with the power of ideas and what can be done with them. It just so happens that in today’s world, most powerful ideas fuel technology, and so that is where my primary interests lie.

Me during my first White Christmas at 23.

Me during my first White Christmas at 23.

I attended high school in my 4.1 sq mi hometown of Chipley, Florida where I graduated High Honors. From there I went to nearby community college Chipola College where I got my start in the traditional college classes (though I had dual-enrolled during my Sophomore, Junior, and Senior years of high school). Following Chipola I spent a year at the University of West Florida studying Computer Science.

After school, I moved to the Pittsburgh, PA area to be with my now-fiancée Chelsea (she’s pretty awesome). There I became involved in the startup community, attending Startup Weekend PGH regularly while contracting as a Developer/Designer with several startups including many remote startups from around the globe.

When I’m not working I enjoy reading and studying design, my latest endeavor. I don’t game nearly as often as I’d like to (not for lack of time, but more from simply not taking the time), and I play acoustic and electric guitar on occasion. My fiancée attended an Arts high school and has played violin in several symphony orchestras, so collaborating is definitely something we’d like to get around to doing.

I’d like to travel more, and have made three ~1,000 mile solo non-stop drives in the past two years alone. They were rushed, purely Point A to Point B drives, though. I plan to travel more frivolously and deliberately in the future once life allows.

Me in other places

Generally I use the username zacharytamas everywhere I have an account, so naturally:

Fast Fact: I use zacharytamas these days simply because I have for 13+ years online. Tamas in my middle name and at an early age I discovered zacharyjones was usually taken but zacharytamas never was.